You can legislate, not all plots of land and houses. For example, to obtain the necessary documents on a site can, if it is granted before the enactment of the Land code of the Russian Federation, before October 29, 2001. If you got the land later, to legalize it will not happen. Dacha Amnesty applies to residential houses, in particular, unauthorized constructions. Study the documents on granting land or a house in one of the paragraphs should be clearly spelled out why you allocated the right of use or ownership. This may be the conduct of private farming, horticulture, gardening, suburban farming, individual garage construction. If the contract and the certificate stated that the land or house given in lifetime inheritable possession or permanent use, you can issue the property right in a simplified manner. A similar procedure is performed, if the law is not mentioned anywhere. Paperwork paid. The biggest costs have on measuring and inventory. The procedure of registration of ownership is done on a voluntary basis, make to legalize his land or house has no rights. However, if you have the property in the Unified state register of rights (EGRP), you are not permitted to sell or otherwise dispose of them. If you are denied the procedure of registration of ownership of land or land, feel free to contact the court. After consideration of all the circumstances of the case, you will be given the decision, which will indicate on what basis you now belongs to one or another plot or house. If you do not agree with the decision can file the appeal within 10 days from the date of announcement of the decision.