Sun exposure is harmful to the skin already after 15 minutes of stay of the person under the scorching rays. Right to sunbathe – it does not mean that we should wallow for hours in the sun waiting for the chocolate color. The fact that melanin, the skin coloring or pigment that the body produces only during the first 50 minutes of exposure to the sun. But to spoil the sun and even provoke the emergence of serious diseases excessive dose of sun exposure can be quite simple. For small children a long stay in the sun – are too risky for them sunburn in childhood is 20 times increases the risk of getting skin cancer in adulthood. Before sending her to the beach to sunbathe, need to prep my skin. Clear skin tired of winter, dead skin cells with an exfoliant, before going to the beach put a protective lotion on the beach use the cream, so as not to scorch. A tan from the sun will manifest itself more slowly, but immediately takes a gorgeous chocolate color and will fall evenly. By the way, with the help of tanning in the sun can cure a number of dermatological diseases. On the beach, refrain from cosmetics. No cream will protect your face from the sun's rays and burn, and some cosmetics can even pull the excess sunlight. From heat and water at the beach, makeup will melt. After tanning on the beach it is not recommended to use scrubs. Light up in the sun, let the skin recover after exposure to the hot rays – do not remove her top layer of scrubs. If you are burned by the sun, you can use a folk remedy – sour cream or yogurt. But there are special regeneration creams after sun hydrating, cooling and soothing effect. They can be used not only in the case of burning in the sun, but right after sunbathing - they will effectively prevent peeling and will make the sunburn resistant.