You will need
  • computer;
  • old version of Skype;
  • - a new version of Skype.
In that case, if your computer has a version of Skype 4.x, updating to version 5.x must pass in automatic mode (default). If this has not happened, update the version of the program forcibly. To do this, open "Menu" and go to the section called "Help".
Click with the left mouse button on "Check for updates". Most likely, the changes can be seen only after restarting the program. The basic principles install the program remain the same.
Remember that the installation of the program takes place in 2 stages. To get started, download a small file then upload it and install the software Skype. To download the program go to a page with the address Here, on the official website of the developers program, you can always free download latest version of Skype in Russian. For the safety of your computer better do not try to download on other sites, because in this case there is no guarantee that the downloaded file will be virus-free.
Find big green button "Upload now". When pressed automatically redirect the user to a download page the correct version of the program (automatically determined language, and operating system version). A window will appear asking you to save or run the file.
Click "Save" and wait for the download of the file. As only will display a window with the message when the download is finished, click on "Run". This will start the installation and download of the program itself.
Verify that the installation completed successfully Skype. To do this, check the settings, make sure that the contact list remain unchanged.