Wooden house

Houses built of natural wood, beautiful. The air is not only not harmful, but can even have a healing effect on the body. This is possible thanks to the phytoncides — volatile substances contained in the wood.

Wood saves heat well, so properly constructed house of this material do not require additional insulation. Self-sufficient wood and from the point of view of aesthetics — it does not need decoration. Many owners of wooden houses are limited to the coating of the walls of the house treatment, which emphasize the structure of the material.

Construction technology is not standing still, and even logs and timber today meet modern requirements for ease and speed of construction. Now widely used round logs and glued laminated timber. These materials are deprived of a number of shortcomings which were inherent to traditional materials. They are almost not subject to deformation, and assemble houses from them easier.

On the other hand, the wood remains a living material. It can change its size in the process of shrinkage or swelling from moisture. These homes shrink. After assembling the carcass must be some time before the installation of Windows and doors. In addition, the wooden house is more exposed to the risk of fire.

The house of bricks

Many think brick is the perfect material for the home. It is durable, fireproof, beautiful. It can be used to implement various architectural fantasies. Brick houses are considered solid and reliable.

House of bricks require a solid Foundation, because the material is heavy. Brick is a good conductor of heat, so built a house out of it may require additional insulation. For the construction of such houses takes a lot of time. All this leads to the relatively high cost of brick buildings.

The house of aerated concrete

Aerated concrete brick is significantly easier and cheaper. Due to the porous structure, it retains heat very well. It is comfortable to handle, because it is even commonly sawed with a hacksaw. For houses of aerated concrete blocks need less solid Foundation than for brick buildings, at the expense of smaller mass.

The disadvantages of the material include its fragility. It requires accurate transport and does not forgive neglect at work. Aerated concrete is afraid of water and sunlight, so the external walls must be plastered or close a ventilated facade.

Frame house

Recently the people of Russia were skeptical of frame and panel houses, despite their widespread use around the world. But gradually replaced distrust come to understand the advantages of such materials. Home work cheap, warm and quite comfortable.

For houses of this type in most cases is quite simple strip Foundation that simplifies and reduces the cost of construction. Through the use of modern insulation home retain heat well. Because of this, reduced heating costs. The technology is ideal for those who house is needed urgently. Such a house can be erected in just a month, and immediately move into it — no need to wait for shrinkage of the walls or drying concrete.