No one can say exactly when will those global changes on the planet, which for so long waiting for supporters of the version about the end of the world. This can happen in a year, and in a hundred years, and through the week. But many researchers of the problem agree to the fact that if something happens with the planet, it will happen in the XXI century.

Climate changes every year are gaining momentum. Information about unprecedented weather records is becoming impossible to hide. Sensational reports about the heat waves in Northern regions, snowfall in the South, about the strange atmospheric phenomena regularly leaking to the media. However, because of the enormous amount of political and social information these notes go unnoticed. But people keep statistics of all these natural phenomena, and it is, alas, disappointing.

For the last time, the number of temperature records in some regions has increased dramatically, environmentalists are sounding the alarm, the whole world is talking about the threat of global warming. All the danger that with abrupt global warming there is a threat of rapid melting of the ice caps at the poles of the Earth. A huge amount of frozen fresh water floats forever in the oceans, and it slowly melts. Consequently, the level of the oceans is constantly increasing, leading to flooding of coastal areas.

Now for some regions of the Earth the flood not ephemeral future, and the harsh reality. Some island States in the Pacific such as Tuvalu, Nauru and Kiribati, will soon cease to exist. The population is fighting tooth and nail with the imminent onset of water but what can people do against nature.

At risk of flooding will be virtually all coastal areas of Islands and continents. According to some forecasts within the next few decades, the water can leave Japan, the UK, Cuba, Madagascar, Greenland, will be flooded a large part of the Australian continent. It is possible that flooding will be wearing is not gradual, but abrupt. Environmentalists believe that when the melting glaciers of Greenland and Antarctica will reach a critical level, the second great flood will be only a matter of time. Start global change the whole face of the Earth will come the movement of all the plates, there will be earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and chaos.

Water a new flood will wash away most of the European countries most severely affected, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Finland. And these countries almost do not remain, and the remnants of the population are forced to seek refuge in other countries. Small Islands will be Norway and Sweden.

Will be erased from the face of the Earth Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand. These catastrophic changes will affect all the destruction and flooding will affect all the continents. It is difficult to predict which regions will suffer the most, what the city will remain where it will be reborn civilisation where on Earth it's safe. But most often called the three "points": Siberia, Tibet and Central Africa.

Russia second flood affected the least. The biggest blow will take the Northern and Eastern shores, and the West Russian territory will cover the Scandinavian Peninsula. Sure you can say that will go under water the Murmansk and Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Arkhangel'sk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Magadan and some other cities. But some of the more pessimistic researchers believe that the water will leave practically the whole European part of Russia.