You will need
  • - Internet; - telephone; - newspaper ad.
Decide the cash amount you're willing to pay for the car. Note that the costs usually exceed the planned 20-25 percent. The difference will go to staging the car on the account, repayment of the cost of re-registration, inspection, insurance, etc. don't forget about the possible repairs, which in most cases should be carried out to cars.
After assessing its financial ability, seek the selection of auto to Newspapers and magazines and specialized Internet sites with ads about selling used cars. Do not throw on first suitable offer, pick a few options.
Before to go see the car, ask all your questions by phone. Be sure to ask, how does the technical passport of the car, and whether it inserts. The latest evidence that the car had problems with the identification of the VIN, and there may be difficulties with subsequent registration and registration.
Find out how will be the re-registration of cars. Sometimes owners sell cars "by proxy". The transaction will certainly take place, but the legal owner of the vehicle remains the seller. If you want to sell it, you will have to chase the owner. Being honest and not "forgetting" about the money paid to him, he may eventually be required to return the car back.
If you opted for cars of American manufacturing, ask the seller to name the VIN, write it down. Punch information at this number from an authorized dealer or on the Internet. If the data on issued and sold car different, refrain from acquiring it.
Ask, you did not get the car in an accident whether body repairs, repainted whether it is how well the stored thresholds and if there are on it the rust spots. These signs indicate the injuries sustained in the crash.