Burdock serum is designed to accelerate the growth of hair. It contains active substances that stimulate the follicles as well as nourishing ingredients that give energy to the skin cells and hair. After using hair serum, the hair remains clean and fresh. Apply with massage movements on the scalp, and then the whole length of the hair. You can use the tool on both dry and wet hair 3 times a week.
Serum for hair split ends necessary for hair. This cosmetic product smoothes the hair scales and does not allow them to split further. The biggest plus serum for ends in that it does not weigh down the hair and makes them moisturized, smooth and manageable. Apply this serum after every hair wash, from mid-hair to ends.
Serum for curly hair to straighten curls. Many women, straightening the curls with the hair straightener, noted that hair becomes dry, lifeless and brittle. Serum for curly hair softens the hair, making them silky and smooth. In addition, she possesses thermoprotective properties. After shampooing, apply the serum to the entire length of the hair starting with the ends. Hair blow dry and straighten with a ceramic flat iron.
Moisturizing serum formulated for all types of strands. But it is especially necessary to the hair damaged by adverse environmental factors, perms, colouring and bleaching. Hydrating serum restores and deeply nourishes the hair, making them supple, elastic and shiny. Cause this tool on all length of slightly dried or dry hair.
Serum anti-dandruff has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, moisturizes and nourishes the scalp, reduces itching. In addition, it improves the structure of hair, gives them silkiness and Shine. Apply the serum dandruff on dry or damp hair and gently rubbed into the skin. To use this tool should be courses – 1 day a week for a month.