My first slow cooker


On the advice of a friend bought a slow cooker. My expectations were met, although initially its unique properties I believe. Now I have less time to spend on cooking, since cooking programs provide automatic control over the whole process. Homemade cake, soups or scrambled eggs - all of this makes it, not me!

Healthy food and the slow cooker


My family for many years uses in cooking the slow cooker. It is something like a super tenderised, which can bake, boil, simmer and cook almost everything. The most remarkable thing is that the food steamed, preserving all its taste, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Smart slow cooker, pre-set up the program, can prepare a meal in a specified period, which is helpful when You come home late and very tired. This device can be indispensable in the kitchen, "diabetics and people who eat diet.

More is better


"Multi" means "many" and my slow cooker fully justifies its name the full amount of features. She can cook soup, stews, pot and steamed food to cook that for me technohouse very handy! I don't need when cooking add any oil, so all in a slow cooker turn out diet. But more important, it obviously saves time: in addition to the high speed of cooking, you have the option of cooking two dishes.

An indispensable thing


The kids gave me on the anniversary of a slow cooker, I am a conservative, and at first treated it with caution, but in vain! Every day cook new dishes along with it was a book of recipes, some I've never even met, have to give tribute to the slow cooker, the dishes are not worse than their own hands, however my husband says that love and warmth still made me, personally, the dishes, more. Now, this is my girlfriend and we are preparing her at the same time, now in less time is to cook more. Thank you baby pleased!

Multivarka – a choice in favor of health


Go around the slow cooker, I became for a long time, and, in the end, decided on its acquisition. I must say that when buying equipment, money to spare, and therefore purchased one of the latest models of multivarok with the easy additions to a space for loading spices, tray for cooking eggs and soup. The first dish that was cooked in the purchase were the dumplings. In that moment, when I first tried the food from the slow cooker, I realized that I have never eaten food a more intense flavor. The secret is that when cooked in water products give a portion of their flavor in the water we then poured mercilessly. The slow cooker allows you to preserve all the taste of the prepared food, making it besides dietetic and harmless to the body.



I'm 18 years old live alone, to cook I don't like or know how(know how!), standard interrupted semi-finished eating to say anything. On new year's parents gave me this strange "thing" that I scored in the far corner, thinking for yourself is not needed. Then in one of the SOC.networks stumbled upon the "miracle" of the so-called multiverse and a bunch of simple recipes, the enthusiastic response. I decided to try was disgusting, but on the Internet I quickly explained that as a Yes. Was everything really just threw everything you need for the recipe, about an hour, you're done! Cook is still not love and can not imagine how it stand half a day at the stove. But now the problem with eat, I decided, maybe someday I will try to prepare something interesting and juicy with the slow cooker, but now I am quite satisfied with the different soups. however once I poured enough water and I got burnt a little, but easily laundered.

Slow cooker review


Acquired this miracle device according to the girlfriend. At first didn't trust her rave reviews about it. But when I tried-really believe that in a slow cooker you can make EVERYTHING from juices and jams to pies! Automatic programs allow you to forget about time, and I finally stopped constantly running to the oven to follow the pies. Soups, by the way, get very personal, I especially like the cheese soup.

the slow cooker is my favorite


About the slow cooker first read on some forum cooking (love to cook), sunk into the soul, went to a birthday gift to look after themselves, and it is well looked after. When I first was involved, his hands were shaking, always afraid the wrong thing to do and ruin the unit. The first fear passed, and I began to learn it, first, strictly according to menu instructions, and then quite bolder and began to improvise. The benefit of forums multivarka fully have a whole folder of recipes accumulated, there are meals that cook often, the soup is so only in her. Sometimes you want to have a spare pan to not idle multivarka, and one dish was prepared and immediately another can be loaded. Now I can't imagine how I ever lived without her,from all small appliances in the house she
now my most favorite.

The slow cooker saves time


Multicookings bought back in 2010, when they we have in the province in wonder was . Never regretted the purchase, everything in her cooking – soup, small cakes, vegetables for salads. Time is saved enormously, especially with first courses, it is not necessary to separately boil the broth, put all together, put the cooking time and pressed the button and the soup looks like out of the oven. If you need zazharku in the soup, then it can be pre-in the same saucepan to make, no dishes no longer dirty and then not wash. A program with a timer is generally a dream of every "owl" - the ability to sleep longer in the morning (very important to me), rather than rush to the stove to cook porridge for the family. A fellow at work was adapted – in the morning the meat and stuff in multy lay down, start cooking the soup for lunch all cooked and still hot.