You will need
    • Home hog-beef ham with pistachios:
    • 1 kg lean pork pulp;
    • 250 g beef tenderloin;
    • 350 g raw pork neck fat;
    • ½ Cup peeled pistachios;
    • 50 ml dry white wine;
    • 1H.l seeds of cumin;
    • 0.5 tsp ground white pepper;
    • 1 tbsp black pepper;
    • 1/4 of a whole nutmeg;
    • 1 tsp . sugar;
    • 1 tbsp. of salt.
Vecinita is a tin cylindrical vessel with a fixed spring and a pair of lids that are used for compression of the meat pieces and mince. Prefabricated for ham is removed it is packaged in special packages for baking that the product does not leak juice. But in order to remove excess fat, it is recommended to make the package slim punctures, but only to the part that will be on top form.
Homemade ham – a wide field for creativity. It is prepared from a variety of meat – chicken, pork, venison, Turkey, beef, fish, vegetable pieces and seasoned generously with spices. Sometimes additives are mushrooms or nuts. Basic rules when making ham two – at least half of the meat should be chopped into mincemeat, and it should not be too lean, otherwise the product will turn out dry and tasteless. Ham to lay in jelly, beef gelatin put. For thick consistency add the starch, flour or semolina. Boil ham about 2 hours on medium heat or bake in a pan filled with water at a temperature of from 170 to 190оС for 1.5 hours.
Home hog-beef ham with pistachios.
Grind minced pork, beef cut into small cubes with sides of 1 centimeter. Put the meat in a bowl, season with salt, pepper, sugar. Cover the food bowl with cellophane and refrigerate for 8-12 hours. Pork fat put in the freezer.
Pistachios pour over boiling water, Pat dry and chop. Cumin, fry on a dry pan and crush in a mortar. Add in minced meat nuts, spices, wine and mix well minced. Remove from the freezer fat, and cut into small cubes with a side of not more than 20 mm. Put it to the meat and knead again.
Tightly pack the stuffing into the sleeve for baking, put in vecinity and dip in a pot of water. Let boil and simmer over low heat at a light boil for about 2 hours. Refrigerate the ham before serving.