You will need
  • - baking soda;
  • - sulphate;
  • - preparations of "Topaz" or "Fundazol";
  • - Bordeaux fluid.
Most commonly found on grapes gray mold, which affects not only the green part of culture, but also berries. Plants appear white patches, and with the development of the disease rot. To protect the vine to provide treatment in an alkaline solution and 10 l of water 70 g of baking soda. Orosite grapes from a spray. This method is especially good in the prevention of rot, and leaf-eating caterpillars.
True mildew (Oidium) is a common disease of plants. On the vine appear gray spots, the plaque that leads to the death of greenery and cracking of berries. Treat as prophylaxis grapes drugs "Topaz" and "Fundazol" - carefully read the instructions for use. If the plant is already affected, orosite him twice with an interval of 20 days. Before winter be sure to spray the grapes with 5% solution of sulfate.
Mildly, or incompatible powdery mildew, with an enviable rate affects the grapes. Moreover, spores do not die in cold weather, leading to annual damage to foliage and fruit. The disease manifests with yellow spots, then the plant begins to dry. To protect themselves from adversity, if the period of appearance of Bud vine 2% solution of Bordeaux fluid. Don't forget to remove the affected leaves not only with plants but also from the ground.
A few less grapes suffering from a bacterial cancer that develops as a result of improper handling of Bush or the fault of too fierce winters. The plant affects the neck, there is a build-up that gradually increases. Immediately remove the tumor and treat the place with diesel fuel. But to survive the vines in this case are rare. If you notice that the plant dies, dig up and burn him – propagated by cuttings does not make sense, as it is likely that the new Bush will be with the same defect.