When crossing the Russian border you can carry all the things that are not in the list of prohibited goods. However, some of them subject to mandatory Declaration or may be subject to customs duty, for example, in the case of excess weight of goods allowed for transportation.

So, you can carry any amount of cash. The only condition is to declare the full amount if it does not exceed 10 thousand US dollars. Securities, promissory notes or other monetary instruments, excluding traveler's checks, must be declared regardless of amount.

Permitted to transport animals with a special certificate from the veterinary service. As well as plants if they are not included in the list of quarantine of plants – otherwise you will need a quarantine certificate.

Valuable cargo can be transported, only putting them in the customs Declaration. But the things, which is a cultural value (art object, which for more than 50 years) should be not only declared, but also to have a certificate of export issued by Department of preservation of cultural heritage.

Alcohol and tobacco also are allowed to carry. However, without paying customs duties you can carry no more than 2 liters of alcoholic beverages, 250 grams of caviar, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars.

Of the products can be transported only those who have the unopened original packaging. The weight of meat and fish production must not exceed 5 kg.

Any weapons, including pepper sprays and stun guns are allowed to have with you when crossing the border only if they have a special permit issued by the Department of public order of the MIA of Russia. And psychotropic, narcotic or potent substances can be transported for personal use only with a confirming report from your doctor.