Advice 1: How to transplant peonies

Transplant peonies in the fall is better, when there is no heat, often rains, flowering is over, and massively grow roots. Plants have more of a chance to take root. But there are cases where a transplant is necessary to do before.
How to transplant peonies

Transplant peonies in the spring is possible only in April or may. Dig the Bush, trying to capture a larger piece of earth on the roots. Prepare the hole area, but rather small in size. Add nutritious, loose soil. At the same time avoid adding fresh organic matter, use rotted compost, manure or a complete fertilizer.

In the summer especially careful to monitor the peonies. Appeared first after planting the buds tear off. And water the Bush daily.
If the plant is badly root in a new place, pick up toward the end of summer for them another seat.

The roots of the flower can break off when you dig up the shrub for transplanting, because in the spring they are very fragile. Collect the segments and fragments roots and plant them in the garden with loose, fertile soil, so you will get more hives in the future.

Take a charcoal, crush it and process sections of broken roots. In August you can carefully transplant them to another, more comfortable bed, not forgetting regular watering.

But it is best to transplant peonies in the fall. The place where you will take a flower, should be Sunny and open. Desirable close arrangement of ground waters to prevent root rot.

The place for planting prepare for 3-4 weeks before start of the work. Dig a hole, fill it 2/3 with a mixture of peat, humus, sand and garden soil taken in equal proportions. Add 220 g of double superphosphate, a jar of wood ash and a tablespoon of ferrous sulfate.

Rhizome peony dig very carefully. As the roots penetrate the ground to a depth of 0.5-1 meter, will have to do it for a long time. Do not use a shovel, you'd better take the fork, and ditch the rhizome in a circle, then pull out of the ground, holding both sides with shovels. Leave the plant for 2-3 hours in the shade to avoid breakage of the root.

Now you need to divide the peony to get delanco and part of the rhizome with a size of about 10-15 cm, Remove the small and rotten portions of root. Better to do it with a knife or sharp wooden wedge. Start with dividing into 2-3 pieces, and then smaller. Before planting them out can be placed in a container with a saturated solution of potassium permanganate to disinfect.

Plant the shrub into the prepared hole, sprinkle on top of the earth taken from the garden. Make sure that the layer was not more than 5 cm, and then water generously. Remember that young plants require regular care, constantly watered, loosen the soil, remove the buds, weed, spray against pests etc. In the second year of life peonies rarely bloom, delighting the abundance of inflorescences after several seasons, in the summer.

Advice 2: How to cut peonies commodity

Peonies provide excellent cut flowers for bouquets, which can successfully compete in quality with the truncation carnations and roses. Peonies Terry group most loved and in demand, so that the bouquet alive and happy, it is necessary to take care of him even during the growth of flowers on the Bush.
How to cut peonies commodity

Growing peony for bouquets, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Powerful, highly sprawling bushes of peonies, especially the double varieties with heavy and large flowers, needs to be tied up or to do for them for support. Having large flowers, these varieties are often crouches to the ground and thus lose their decorative effect. Support it is best to install in advance, 7...10 days prior to the expected flowering shrub.
  • To get very large flowers Terry varieties, it is necessary before the flowering, at the stage of large peas pinched (delete) side, the weaker the buds. Undouble varieties, by contrast, are decorative and flowering them longer in the presence of all buds.
  • Cutting flowers for a bouquet, be sure to leave part of the stem with a few leaves. The stem with the remaining leaves will nourish klubnikin peony during the summer, and in the following year it formed kidney growth.
  • With one peony Bush can be cut slightly more than half of the colors. The rest of the flower stalks should be left and let to wither Bush. The plant needs to live his full development cycle, to Mature and prepare for the next season. Cutting off all the flowers for bouquets in the following summer the Bush will not be able to lay a lot of flower buds, or they are small and weak.

When and how to cut peonies for a bouquet?

Cut flowers do in the morning in a stage well painted Bud or pilorospazme. Nemahrovye, semi-double varieties are cut off when pressing your finger on a Bud it will be soft. For Terry varieties willingness to vase life is the presence of waste from Bud one or two flower petals. Length of cut of the stem depending on the variety. Typically, bouquets stem should be about 35...40 cm in length. It left a few of the upper leaves, the lower leaves are removed.

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