You will need
  • Screwdriver, flashlight, USB flash drive, Internet access
Type motherboard can be found in several ways: mechanical and software. On each device is always spelled the model and serial number. To determine the type of motherboard you need to Unscrew with a screwdriver the cover of the system unit, Shine a flashlight on the system cost of your computer and find the name and labeling. If the marking is unclear then rewrite it on a piece of paper and search the Internet. There can definitely determine the device type by number by typing it in the search bar of the browser and selecting the desired resource.
If you have a laptop, a candy bar or simply no way to look at the system cost, then you can see the name and type of the motherboard when the computer starts. To do this, at first start, when there are inscriptions on a black background, it is necessary to press the "Pause". Then at the top, in the second or third string will be the name and model of the motherboard.
The third way is to do is download and install Everest or Sis Sandra soft. These programs collect full information on the hardware and software of your computer. To determine the type of motherboard it is necessary to find the item "mainboard" or "motherboard", go on it and there will appear all the information you need. If you cannot perform these actions, it is better to contact a qualified technician-the geek.