On the weekend fairs are marketed only to food products and agricultural products. Here you can buy farm vegetables and fruits, dairy and meat products. At fairs it is forbidden to sell alcohol, tobacco products, cosmetic products, baby food, meat (non-packaging) and a number of other goods.


In 2015 in Moscow, worked 109 fairs of the day.

Each new season information about the open fairs is posted on the website of the Department of trade and services in the section "Activities/trade".

It is already known that the new season will be to work 102 fair. In 2015, the fair was open Friday-Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00. However, in 2016, the mode of operation subject to change – February 9, the project "Active citizen" has launched a referendum in which Muscovites will be able to choose the most convenient schedule of fairs.

Regardless of the change of time of the work themselves, fairs, start date, the first trading session in 2016 is already known – April 1.


For attraction on fair weekend in Moscow a greater number of direct producers from Russian regions trading places at fairs free of charge. The farmer can choose any of the proposed fairs and apply for participation.

The list of weekend fairs in Moscow for 2016 available on the website of the Department of trade and services in the section "Activities/trade". To place the fair on the city services Portal of Moscow in the section "Business". The service is available both for individuals and for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

The online application consists of 3 steps: in the first stage, the participant chooses the duration of the fair, administrative district, district and address, and also indicates the group sold goods (meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, fish, bread, etc.). In the second phase the participant chooses a trading period and, finally, in the third phase, fills out information about himself: specifies the name, surname, patronymic, contact telephone number, email address, passport details, residence address, etc.

In the absence of the applicant access to the Internet can submit an application independently at any of the centres "My Documents". Each of them has area of electronic services, which includes computers with free Internet access. To find the addresses of malls on the official website of the centre or on the city services Portal of Moscow.

The first trading session will take place from 1 April to 26 June, and the campaign starts at 9: 00 on March 8 and ends at 00 hours 00 minutes on March 22 of this year.

IMPORTANT! Each seller should have the following documents:

  • Tovaroproizvoditeley documentation of products sold. If we are talking about the sellers, leading peasant (farm) enterprise or private sector should submit a document confirming farming.
  • The documents confirming quality and safety of products in accordance with the requirements of Federal law.
  • If we are talking about legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, the necessary copies of the certificate INN, and individuals must have a passport or other document proving the identity.
  • The medical book of the established sample with complete data of medical examinations and other documents provided by law.