First work on the outer opening. The outer wall, called a veneer, is masonry in a half-brick. It performs a protective function. This design is not acting as a carrier, so the installation of temporary supports can be postponed. Before you knock out the opening, you need to install the top steel area. It will act as a jumper. Its main task is to hold the gravity of the overlying bricks.
On the wall definitely need to make a layout. We need to mark the position of the opening. Border opening should coincide with the strips of cement in the masonry. Make the notches. They should be placed on horizontal joints of mortar on the sides of the spaced opening. Remove whole bricks from the opening. The face opening is scalloped. The vertical side was smooth, there need to lay the bricks. You need to be able to exactly cut the bricks. For this purpose, the brick is with a chisel notch. The brick should be cut in the sand.
Begin gouging the interior bearing wall. Pre-need to install a height-adjustable metal supports until they are inserted vertical bars. After internal opening is made, you need to install the door frame. Every box has the upper cross bar and the shoals, which can easily withstand the load. The load is placed on the top bar, then on the stocks, and then on the lower transverse crossbar.
Box doors must be made according to precise dimensions. It is best to do a combination of functions of the vertical racks of a skeleton. In the end, they will be strengthened. The horizontal relationship of the frame to combine with a top and bottom rail of window boxes.