Advice 1: That can be for a dog bite

The situation when the owner of the dog through inattention or negligence cannot can keep track of her, and she's someone bites is not uncommon. In this case, as the dog owner and the victim need to know about what kind of responsibility is envisaged in case of such incident.
That can be for a dog bite

A specific embodiment of responsibility largely depends on how precisely the event occurred, how severe injuries to the victim. As a rule, in most cases, the dog owner have to pay compensation to the victim and the fine to the state. Examples of such cases suggests that in the case of bodily injury the amount of compensation can reach up to one million rubles and above, the amount of the fine in favor of the state – up to one hundred thousand.

In determining penalties, the court will consider all the nuances of the situation, and determine the article of the charge. In some cases, it could be causing bodily harm by negligence – for example, if the owner does not keep track of the dog, she ran out of the yard and bite someone. Criminal or administrative liability in this case is not provided, the victim can count only on compensation of the caused damage. And a completely different situation when the dog is deliberately at someone, incited, in this case, its owner could face a real imprisonment.

If you have suffered from a dog bite, you should contact the hospital where you not only provide medical care, but also documented fix damage. Having a certificate from a medical institution, you can already contact the police. It is very desirable witnesses that can confirm your words. If there were no witnesses and the dog owner refuses to recognize the fact of the incident, to prove anything will be hard enough.

Applications can be submitted to your local, but practice shows that in many cases it is not the best option, and a claim for damages must be submitted to the next level. In this case, there will be more chances that the case will go to trial. You should know that, in addition to direct damages, the victim has the right to compensation for moral damage. Moreover, if the dog bites resulted in temporary disability, the pet owner can pay the victim more and the amount of lost wages.

Advice 2: What can be the consequences of the dog from the tick bite

Mites – common parasites that threaten humans, and animals. The result of their bite can become a serious disease. Ticks are carriers of parasites – protozoa of the genus Babesia, which cause the dangerous dogs the disease piroplasmosis.
What can be the consequences of the dog from the tick bite

Where the dog can pick up the tick

A fairly common belief that the city's four-legged pet is not in danger, but the danger is exclusively the field trips and forest walks. However, mites that used to live mainly in dense forests, in recent decades quite feel comfortable in urban parks, public gardens, and on lawns in yards. Owners should be vigilant, since a tick can bite your dog anywhere.

How dangerous a tick bite

Many ticks are carriers of diseases such as piroplasmosis. Once an infected tick has stuck to the animal, Babesia immediately enters the bloodstream. The dog after the bite fever, she becomes lethargic, refuses to eat. Perhaps the presence of blood in the urine, something that gets brown.

If treatment is not initiated, the urine becomes of normal color, and the temperature falls below normal. But this does not mean that the animal is recovering. On the contrary, it may appear vomiting, mucous membranes, whites of the eyes and the skin buy yellow, as impaired liver function, anemia begins. If the owners do not go to the vet, most often the disease ends in death.

However, even a timely visit to a veterinary clinic does not guarantee that piroplasmosis will be no consequences for the dog. Unfortunately, this disease has its complications. During the illness of the affected red blood cells are destroyed and eliminated from the body through the kidneys. If I hit too many red blood cells, they can clog the renal tubules, thereby developing kidney failure.

Intoxication affects the entire body, but most affected are the liver and brain to develop inflammation. Due to massive loss of red blood cells in an animal starts anaemia, the oxygen loses its ability to flow to all tissues and organs in sufficient quantity. Against this background, the animal has formed multiple microthrombuses. These complications are deadly.

Prevention of complications

After you in conjunction with the vet cured your dog from piroplasmosis, take preventive measures to avoid complications. Recover the animal diet should contain high amount of meat to quickly restore the red blood cells. The dog assign "Essentiale" or other drugs that support the liver. Under the supervision of a physician can be held plasmapheresis.
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