Decide what will give. Well, if I can get everything planned. Do not skimp on the details. Give your child a holiday.
How to celebrate the day of the <b>birthday</b> <em>child</em> 10 years
Decorate the room while the baby sleeps. Cut out of colored paper large letters and make a greeting. Buy balls of different colors. The child opens his eyes, and the whole family already there, kiss, congratulate, let him feel that today is his day.
How to celebrate the day of the <b>birthday</b> <em>child</em> 10 years
Hide the gifts in different parts of the apartment. Think of the riddles. Child will find a surprise, and with it a hint where another subject. The task seems exciting, even if the surprise will contain a minor thing. You can slightly change the task, for example, you want to collect all hidden candies to get the main prize.
If the child goes to school, make a treat for classmates. It is unnecessary to restrict cheap caramels, it affects the credibility of the baby. Let the children rejoice together with his friend. In advance discuss with the child the allowed number of guests. You arrange them at home or in a children's cafe, depends on the family budget.
If the day born falls on a warm time of year, celebrate it the best in the amusement Park. In any case, you can go there alone, before the official part with the cake and congratulations. First, it is unusual, and secondly, fun.
Children need to run, to frolic. Think of outdoor games. Get out into the yard and bury a treasure map. As a result, everyone gets their gift.