Determine what size clothing your men.
Select a color of yarn, and buy the required number in order to associate the sweater.
Make pattern to the desired size and calculate the number of stitches in each row.
Start knitting from the back, after tying about seven inches elastic band that fit 2 alternately face, 2 purl. After the elastic band is connected, start the pattern gradually add on a few loops on both sides of the back. When he reached the sleeves, close both sides for armholes seven or eight loops in the same way you need to close to neckline average fifteen to seventeen loops and both sides finish separately. Close both sides of the back of the shoulder bevels, also reducing the number of loops.
Associate in a similar way and the front of the sweater, but with a deeper neckline.
Start knitting the sleeves, after tying about seven inches of bands, as well the pattern, adding both sides of the sleeve the required number of loops. Viveza sleeve, all loops must be closed. Second sleeve knit similarly.
Connect all parts of the sweater. First, join shoulder and side seams, then vsheyte sleeves. All seams are connected joint to joint and from the wrong side, to avoid scarring. After the product is sewn, wash it in warm water and gently press so that it has not lost shape and not deformed.
When the sweater dried, it is necessary to iron through a damp cloth, so it was complete. Do not forget that the sweater in the future, should be washed at low temperatures of the water in order to avoid shrinkage and deformation of the product. Naturally, your partner will be happy to receive such a gift made with love and care.