You will need
  • - application for state registration;
  • - copy of passport;
  • - constituent documents (for legal entities);
  • - documents on the decision establishing a legal entity;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Select the legal form for your company. The most simple is a form of "individual entrepreneur". It gives you the right to open his account in the Bank, the possession of a trademark, obtaining the necessary credits, payment of taxes, the use of hired labor (under contract) as well as on the conclusion of transactions and signing of contracts.
The most common form of small business is the LLC ("limited liability company"). The least popular are joint stock companies and production cooperative. OOO, unlike IP, is a legal and not a natural person.
After choosing the legal form register of the company. To open a business in Saint-Petersburg this procedure, you need to implement the Interdistrict Inspectorate of FNS of Russia №15 (Single Central register) at the following address: Professor Popov street, the house 39. To clarify more information or to make an appointment you can call (812) 335-14-03 (reference) or (812) 335-14-00.
Depending on the chosen form of organization, present the documents. Individual entrepreneurs will need an application on the state registration, copy of passport, receipt of payment of the fee. If the registered owner has not yet reached the age of majority, provide the consent of parents or guardians, certified by a notary. When registering a legal entity will also need the statement, the decision on the establishment of a legal entity (Protocol, contract, etc.), constituent documents, the document confirming payment of the fee.
Select the tax regime for your business in St. Petersburg of the three available. BASED traditional or common system, when the entrepreneur pays all necessary fees, charges and taxes if it is exempt from them. Under the simplified tax system you will pay the required amount of income (6%) or income minus expenses (10%). This rate is valid for entrepreneurs who open a business in Saint-Petersburg (adopted in 2010). This format is considered the most "entrepreneurial". The third mode – single tax for individual types of activities.
Get the necessary license and pass the quality certification of the firm. The license is issued in accordance with the law "On licensing" to the address: Voznesensky prospect, 16, office 108 represents a permission for certain activities. By binding the data manipulation, you can easily open a business in Saint-Petersburg.