The question and the timing of holidays for students decide the school Board individually in each school. Usually the decision is made at the beginning of the school year and is assigned in the order of the Director of the school. However, there is a timeline, recommended annually by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, and district and County departments in charge of education. These recommendations are not compulsory, but most schools try to take them into account when preparing the work plans for the year.As a rule, the beginning of vacation snaps to the beginning of the school week. Autumn is the first Monday of November (length of stay 7-10 days); in winter holidays begin on the last Monday of December and lasts 14-20 days. Spring school vacation lasting 7-10 days is usually planned to hold on the last Monday of March. The longest vacation is the summer, usually start at 24 or 25 of may and continue until the end of August.Since a unified legislative norms establishing the timing and dates of the holidays in Russia does not exist, the administration of each institution is the schedule of the rest of the students independently. It should be noted that if the school is private, the timing of vacation may differ significantly with holidays in public schools.As stated in the RF Law "On education , students should be encouraged throughout the year as much time as provides a basic outline of the training events. Clear timelines for the holidays the law does not say. Currently, the curriculum provides 36 weeks of training, the remaining 16 weeks of the year are reserved for vacation travelers. To distribute this time – competence of school administrators. However, parent may require the school to change the dates of holidays and otherwise distribute school strain, making it more convenient for students and parents, not just teachers. Usually, the schedule adapts to teaching staff. In some schools the dates for the holidays are also planned taking into account the wishes of the school self-government bodies.