Advice 1: How to install a dvd decoder

Installed on the computer, the operating system requires installation of a specific set of additional programs that will allow you to perform certain operations that you need. Office application, email program, file Manager and so on. For DVD playback, respectively, the necessary DVDdecoder. Is a utility that allows you to play DVD files using any player, including Windows Media Player.
How to install a dvd decoder
You will need
  • The computer software package K-Lite Codec Pack, basic skills for working with computer
To install a DVDdecoder, download codec package K-Lite Codec Pack from the developer. Install it on your computer, run the downloaded file. The installation procedure is very simple and is done in automatic mode. The user is given the opportunity to choose which elements of the package of codecs to be installed.
At some point during the installation a window will appear where you will see a list of these items, and if you want to install only some of them, just uncheck the boxes for the others. Thus, of the entire package, you can select only DVDdecoder, however, this is not recommended because you may not know which format will have the following your download of the video.
Useful advice
Earlier DVD decoders were available as separate programs or even executed as a separate card in the computer, which performs hardware decoding of Mpeg2 files and reduces the load on CPU during this operation. Now, when processor power is more than enough for a much more complex task and there are many other types of video files, a DVD decoder is often part of the so-called "codec pack". One of the most successful packages is deservedly considered the K-Lite Codec Pack.

Advice 2 : How to reprogram dvd player Pioneer

Firm Pioneer has proven itself in the market of audio and video devices. The quality of her products known to customers around the world. Great popularity in many countries, including in Russia, bought a DVDplayer from this company. A common problem encountered in this technique is the lack of Cyrillic symbols in file names. To correct this programming error, you need to reflash the DVD player.
How to reprogram dvd player Pioneer
You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - blank DVD disc;
  • - program for burning DVDs.
Start flashing the DVD player Pioneer with a visit to the website of the company. Click Pioneiro FAQ ( and find the list of firmwares that are free to access and available to users to upgrade the devices produced by the company.
Turn on the DVD player and confirm the firmware version number. Go to the Home Menu from the remote control device, then go to "Initial settings". Select "Settings" and click the Display button. Appears firmware code, consisting of alphanumeric symbols. Remember this code, and write better, so as not to interrupt the process of firmware upgrade of the player.
Download and save to computer new firmware, the description of which is specified your model of DVD player Pioneer. The method of preservation varies depending on the web browser.
Unzip the firmware into a folder. Note the existence of the file resolution .bin, as this is the main trigger the firmware file. The name of the firmware should consist of alpha-numeric code. For example, if the old firmware has the form YKF9960B, new should be displayed on the display screen as YОF9960B.
Insert a blank DVD disc into the loading tray CD-ROM drive. Write the downloaded firmware to the disc using any suitable program. You can use the preinstalled software, which is part of the Windows OS, or use Nero Burning Rom, Ashampoo Burning Studio etc.
Insert a recorded DVD into DVD player. The tool will analyze the content and if the new firmware was written correctly, the report found the update file and prompts you to begin the process of changing the firmware. To confirm the operation, press the Play button from the control panel.
Carefully remove the disc from the device after automatically opening the tray of the DVD player. Do not press the buttons of the device or touch the control panel until until the screensaver appears, indicating that the flashing process completed.
Restart the player. After this go back to "Original settings" and check the firmware that needs to change to a new one.
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