You will need
  • Soft cloth (a thin suede microfiber cloth)
  • Warm water
  • Cleanser without fragrances
  • Container
  • Olive oil of high purity
Place a piece of jewelry with pearlsω on the interval a clean, soft, lint-free cloth, for example, on a special microfiber cloth I use to clean monitors and optics. Fit and fine suede fabric. If your product is a necklace or pearl beads, unbutton the clasp and pull it out full length.
Prepare a container with warm water in which you need to pre-dissolve one or two drops of gentle detergent. Never use products with ammonia, soda, bleaching substances. Best solution ordinary baby soap without fragrance.
Immerse the product in soap solution for a few minutes. Immersion and extraction keep the earrings for the "loop" or "stud", rings, pendants and brooches for the metal parts, and necklaces and beads for the clasp.
Put the product back on the fabric, cover it and slightly Pat. Leave the pearl with a wet cloth and wait until it is completely dry. When the towel or cloth will be dry, a piece of jewelry is ready to further wear. Do not wear pearlswhile it dries. Wet pearls attract dirt, which then would be very difficult to remove.
If jewelry is left noticeable traces of dirt, repeat the procedure again, starting with soaking in warm soap solution. Never clean pearls using sponges or toothbrushes.
To return the pearlshave luster, it can be wiped with a cloth, to which were applied just one drop of olive oil of high purity.
The rule is to wipe your pearls with a soft cloth each time after you wore it, because sebum can gradually eat away at the nacre, to make the coating softer and more friable.