If the kids are under a month, its reaction in response to loud sounds will be limited to wince or he can raise the handle and, as if to hug himself, doctors call it a syndrome Moreau. In a month the child will begin to freeze, hearing the loud noises.
Hearing 2 or 3 months of the baby can be determined by observing his reaction to his mother's voice, as a rule, children are animated, smiling, moving legs and arms, agukaet. What the baby is trying to COO, is a good basis for determining check his hearing. To turn his head at the sharp sound of a rattle or other loud sound, the child begins at the age of 3 months, before his muscular system has not yet have the necessary coordination.
The sleeping child should be disturbed sharp sounds, if its age is greater than 1.5-2 months. After 5 months he should start to babble, trying to pronounce some syllables in their language, and from 8 months to a year to pronounce certain words and try to respond to the words of adults, while turning his head to the sound, even if it comes from the back.
Parents should alert not the appropriate age norms of reaction of the child to sounds. Sometimes it seems that the kid lags behind in development, it is, after all, a hard of hearing child is not really correctly perceive information of the surrounding world.
To check the hearing of newborn in a medical facility or center. To do this, today there are different methods. Health workers use the method of evoked otoacoustic emissions by means of evoked hearingpotentials and oriented by means of acoustic impedance. Undoubtedly, parents should be attentive to your child, not to miss the disease, but when the first symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to consult a specialist, to dispel the doubts or sent for treatment at a qualified institution.