To download ringtones, use those of existing devices (phone or computer) that is connected to the Internet at an unlimited rate. When used for these purposes, ensure that it is properly configured access point (APN). The name should begin with the word internet and not wap.
Go to the Jamendo link below. Find the Search link, click it, and then after loading the new page, enter a search query. Will be searched among artist names, song titles, and genres. If you have chosen the genre, just enter its name in the English language, such as jazz. If Internet access from your phone, a computer, a browser which supports Javascript, select the genre in a different way. Move the cursor to the search box, and then select from the menu that POPs up after that, the tab Genres, and in it a desired item.
After searching, select the album and track, either in the list directly before the list of albums, select a separate track. Visit the track, see the Creative Commons license, which extends this file. It can impose the following restrictions (in any combination): refer to names of authors and performers, not to use for commercial purposes, to distribute derivative works only under the same license.
Click the Download button and then click Free Download. The browser will open the file download dialog. Select a folder to save it, and then click Ok. Wait for the file to download.
If for download tracks you've used a PC, copy the file to the phone. To do this, use a card reader, USB cable or Bluetooth adapter. Then find a song using the built-in file Manager of the phone and listen, and if you want also set it through the menu of this program as ringtone.