You will need
  • - sewing machine
  • - fabric
  • - threads
  • - scissors
  • - needles
  • the pin
  • - ruler or tailor's meter
  • pencil or chalk
  • - Laundry gum
Difficult to choose good lighting for the bedroom because it is preferable lighting individual sections of the premises or zones. Someone who likes bedtime read in bed, others will need a separate lamp near the dressing table or cot. Table lamp on the bedside table can be one of good solutions in this case.
If you decided to make a lampshade with their hands, you will fit almost any table lamp: old or cheap new. Perfect fit the lamp in the interior is possible if to use when creating the shadeand fabric of the same texture and color as the curtains in the room. If remnants of curtains you got, have to choose fabric with similar colors.
The necessary measurements it is convenient to make the usual thread. Then the thread will attach to the ruler or tailor's meter. The required amount of fabric will depend on the size of your lampshadeand the width of the selected fabric.
Cut fabric, fold in half and cleave the needles. On fabric, soap, chalk or pencil, mark the bottom line of the lampshade. When folded in half fabric the length of the line will amount to 54.5 cm Put up a distance of 18 cm and swipe the top line with a length of 15.5 cm. Connect the edges of the top and bottom lines. Treat the edges with overlock.
Tuck the top and bottom edge and sew on the machine. Fold the fabric in half and also sew, leaving the bottom about 1 cm Insert with pin the elastic in the bottom seam of the cover. The remaining part of the seam sew.
Now, put a new lampshade on an old and at the top will secure it with a thread and needle. To strengthen too carefully is not necessary, because in the future you will probably have to remove the shade for washing.
If you wish, you can further decorate the lampshade in its sole discretion. If the fabric you have chosen is not too bright, it is possible from the remnants of fabric to make a decoration in the form of an elegant bow.