You will need
  • The printer, photo, photo, photo digital camera, computer (if you want to edit the image).
If your photo is already perfect and it does not require color correction or any correction, then you can immediately proceed to print. But if the picture is not very good, for example, someone has red eye, or the left edge is cropped out - you can slightly edit it in any program for image processing.
Once the photo is ready for printing, you can proceed. Your printer can be connected to the computer, but most modern printers allow you to print images from the camera or flash card directly. If to print from the flash drive, there are fewer settings of the printer than when printing is performed using a computer program.
Each printer is supplied with a program disc for printing. It has a number of settings which allow you to adjust some important settings printing. Typically, each such program by default is already configured in the most convenient way, which is suitable for most images. Print a photograph using the default settings.
So, the program is running, the printer is on, paper is inserted. Left to open a photo file on the printer in the program and press the desired button "OK". The little printer will make a noise and soon will come the coveted picture.