Our subconscious is designed in such a way that it remembers more than just the negative aspects of life such as a failed transaction, the severance of relations or to the experienced fear. Hence the uncertainty and doubt that the negative experience will happen again. But we must remember that such a thing as happiness, not attracted to people with negative thoughts. Indeed, why would a man be happy if he is not tuned and can easily miss your luck. To avoid this, there should be a daily allocation of 10 minutes for the happy thoughts. Imagine you already have what you dream about. Relive the moments of delight, as if already bought a brand new car or met your soulmate. Dream, when in a hurry to work and when you go to bed. Hence the dreams, far-fetched you will embody the image of a happy life, and in the subconscious sticks to the idea that you deserve to be happy. After a month of such exercises in real life will definitely change for the better.
If it's a series of unfortunate events, then in any case can not dwell on them. Happened – and okay, in the end, we learn from our mistakes and every experience is very important. Need to experience the situation and let her go from himself. So you quickly attract happiness, because as the saying goes - "after the black band always comes white.
For a more detailed presentation of happy life and her early attraction, you can draw a picture in which you want to display your dreams. When a person draws inspiration, his subconscious remembers the moments associated with joy, luck, anticipation of love and a new stage of life. So people tune into the light wave, and happiness to him quietly soon come knocking.