Happiness is the harmonious relationship of man with the surrounding world. To achieve this harmony, we must work on ourselves. Define their internal priorities and learn to appreciate what you have. Don't suffer by what you have now, just mark the ways in which this can be achieved and follow them.
If you are dissatisfied with their lives and I think it is not very happy, analyze what was your error, what are the attitudes that make you unhappy, it is necessary to rethink and change. Refuse the role of victim and the eternal sufferer, and find the positive traits and characteristics, determine what you need to purchase and start working on it.
Never blame anyone for their troubles and misfortunes. Understand once and for all that no one and nothing, only you can give yourself all that you want. Set your goals and strive persistently to them – get an education, work, develop and improve.
A happy person is the one who is interesting to yourself, and therefore others. Find a interesting job, interesting Hobbies. Be open minded and be aware of events, news, literature, art. Interested in life and she, too, will be interested in you.
Believe in yourself, do not listen to the advice of well-wishers and envious. Responsibility for your life and your responsibility, so only you can determine what it will be. Surround yourself with happy and positive people who can support you in the desire to change the world and be happy.
Be open to happiness and willing to meet him at any moment, because nobody knows what it looks like and when it will be. Friendly attitude, willingness to open communication always attract people, do not give up those chances that we continually provides our destiny, because who knows which of them will be happy.