Replenish the phone balance using a payment terminal, and it does not matter which operator it belongs to. Go to "Payment services". You will see icons with logos of the mobile operators. Select someone you are a subscriber, enter your phone number, do not forget to specify the code. In the tray for receiving money put paper bills. When the desired amount is entered, confirm the payment and wait for receipt confirmation.
Add money to the balance is possible in any salon of cellular communication or a corporate store for your carrier. You will need to complete a form indicating the phone number, the insertion amount and your name.
In large super - and hypermarkets payment can be made directly at the checkout when paying for purchases. Just tell the cashier the phone number and the amount of money which you are going to refill your balance.
If you have an e-wallet or you use the services of Internet banking, it is very easy to recharge your phone via the Internet. To do this, activate your e-wallet or log in to your account in the Bank, from the account which you want to transfer money. On the main page you will see "Mobile communications", click on it, you'll see icons with operator logo. Select the one on whose account you want to transfer money and translate them into balance by following the prompts appearing on the screen.