You will need
  • Computer, Internet, ICQ-client.
Most of the users to close the ICQ, click on the x located on the right corner of the open application. Note that such actions do not provide a full stop of work of the program, but only remove its window from the desktop. If you wish to completely close ICQ, you can use the following methods.
In the open window click on the "Menu" button. At the very bottom of the list you will see the option "Exit", clicking on which you stop your ICQ on your computer. Just above this option is the possibility of withdrawing from the current account. By clicking on this button will take you out of your account, but the program will work on computer. Also full output of ICQ, you can perform by right click on the program icon on the taskbar. In the opened menu, click on option "Exit", after that, the work of ICQ will be disconnected.
Often, the work of ICQ have to force quit. To perform a similar action, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Opens the task Manager. Click on the apps tab, and select the ICQ icon. Click on the "end task". Thus, the program will be terminated. ?