Advice 1: How to break the wall

In our time, low maintenance costs without redevelopment areas, which in most cases involves the demolition of the partitions. They say that to break – not to build but to break in the apartment the wall not be amiss to find out how to do it properly.
How to break the wall
First, make sure that the wall you intend to break, not a carrier. To do this, check the layout of the apartment, issued by BTI. Typically, the walls of which are allowed to break are not thicker than the laying of one brick.
If you are doing repairs in an apartment, be sure to move furniture to other rooms and to cover all possible plastic film dust will be a lot. If the wall passes electric wiring, unplug the electrical panel by turning off the corresponding machine in the electrical panel.
Armed with a reliable drill with a nozzle-lance, start to destroy the plaster, exposing the seams of a laying. When the walls try to go into the joints between the bricks. Gradually serves one brick, then another, and so the whole wall a little bit would be a pile of rubble. Don't forget to carefully disconnect the electrical leads, and insulate the contacts.
Please be lined with garbage bags and stacking them in the brick rubble, take out what is left of the walls of the apartment.

Advice 2 : How to disassemble the brickwork

Sometimes in the process of repair is required to dismantle old brick masonry. Dismantling of masonry can be performed using different tools. Using a jackhammer, you can speed up the process, but in this case, the bricks are often damaged.
How to disassemble the brickwork
You will need
  • - jackhammer with the working part of the blade;
  • or
  • - a crowbar or pickaxe;
  • - chisel;
  • - a hammer or a sledgehammer;
  • - steel wedges;
  • respirator;
  • gloves.
Start dismantling the brickwork from the top of the wall. Turn on and aim the hammer at a horizontal seam masonry. Discard repulsed the bricks to the side or down at the established for these purposes chutes. Disassemble the clutch in horizontal rows.
Use a crowbar or pick, if you don't have a jackhammer, directing the blows of the tool in place of the bond of masonry. Clear the bricks from the solution if necessary immediately, using the pointed end of the pickaxe.
Disassemble the old brickwork with loose attachment of the bricks using a chisel and hammer on the same principle: in horizontal rows starting from the top of the. Putting a chisel to the horizontal seam masonry, just hit it with a hammer. Reviewing a row of bricks, start the other.
Brick masonrymade on a solid cement mortar, disassemble in this way. Score at the top of the masonry (in several places) steel wedges in horizontal seams, and optionally in the vertical. It is more convenient to do it together: one person sets the wedge in the holder, and sends it to the seam of masonry, and the other hits the wedge with a sledgehammer. Then hitting with a crowbar or a hammer in horizontal seams between the pocketed wedges, start to disassemble the clutch, separating the bricks.
If you need to make an opening in the brick bearing wall, do so. Mark the position of the opening. Knock out the top brick with boaster or sledgehammers, and then nearby. Then proceed to the next horizontal rows. In cases where masonry walls are thick, punch the holes first on one side of the wall (half its thickness), and then the other.
Disassemble the masonry of old brick buildings with the use of technology, if you have the opportunity. Hang on the crane arm - the metal or ingot weighing two or three tons and lower for a building with height until it falls apart. Pieces of masonry can be used for different purposes or to break into individual bricks, clearing them from the cement. The integrity of the bricks with this method of disassembly laying low.
If you want to disassemble the stove in an old wooden house, view, and yet operates at her log. In this case it is the supporting structure and its disassembly is necessary to install a temporary spacer. After disassembly required to install permanent struts. It can be a wall of foam blocks, a solid timber.
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