First, make sure that the wall you intend to break, not a carrier. To do this, check the layout of the apartment, issued by BTI. Typically, the walls of which are allowed to break are not thicker than the laying of one brick.
If you are doing repairs in an apartment, be sure to move furniture to other rooms and to cover all possible plastic film dust will be a lot. If the wall passes electric wiring, unplug the electrical panel by turning off the corresponding machine in the electrical panel.
Armed with a reliable drill with a nozzle-lance, start to destroy the plaster, exposing the seams of a laying. When the walls try to go into the joints between the bricks. Gradually serves one brick, then another, and so the whole wall a little bit would be a pile of rubble. Don't forget to carefully disconnect the electrical leads, and insulate the contacts.
Please be lined with garbage bags and stacking them in the brick rubble, take out what is left of the walls of the apartment.