Most social networks support video download, but the most popular site for posting videos for a long time remains which will look at how to upload videos to the Internet.
Upload a video to YouTube only, so first of all, go through the registration process, which will not take much time but will allow you to not only upload videos, but also to a number of advantages. You can add your favourite videos to your favorites, leave comments, create your own channels and subscribe to channels of other users, etc.
How to upload video to the Internet
After you register and log in under your username, click "Add video" and browse to the video on your computer. Its size must not exceed 2 Gb and length of 15 min. At this stage you can also set up automatic stream downloaded video in their accounts of some popular social networks.
How to upload video to the Internet
Once a video is selected, it will start the download and you will be prompted to enter its name, description, determine the category and set the access level. When the movie is fully loaded, you will see a link to it. In addition, you have uploaded your video, you can always find in My videos.
How to upload video to the Internet