You will need
  • -drill
  • -tube for driving into the wall
  • -strong screws
  • -strap for hanging, if you want to hang shelves on it
Mark the height you want to hang shelves. Attach the shelf to the wall to see if it is convenient to use it. Mark the location for drilling the first hole on the corner. If you hang the shelves in the middle of the wall, then you should start with the middle shelf. Before drilling the wall, make sure not to fall into the transaction or communication.
Drilled the first hole, the rest of the drill, measuring the level relative to the first.
Wooden plugs need to prepare in advance or to cut them out of very dry wood. To tie them is much safer than plastic which are sold in the store. When screwing of the screws, the tree is expanded and the shelves are kept tight. The tube should be slightly larger than the drilled hole and enter tight.
Hammer tube, screw the screws and hang the shelves.
If you walls are not completely smooth, then hang up shelves you need on a special strap with mounting brackets that you can buy at any hardware store or the supermarket building. To attach to the wall they must as described above. Hanging on them shelves can be adjusted perfectly straight.