The most active of the available stimulants are caffeine. Even if you prefer tea or soda to Wake up, make myself a Cup of coffee. It is desirable that it was freshly brewed and strong. If none found, drink instant, but without cream and sugar. Can add in coffee is a pinch of cinnamon, it is also perfectly evokes. And for a snack to drink, eat a few slices of dark chocolate or chocolate candy. These sweets can be kept in your Desk drawer in case you need to cheer up.
You need fresh air. If possible, take a few minutes on the street or even on the balcony. In the extreme case, open the window in the office and stand next to the window. The cooler will be there, the better for you. Wait a minute, deeply inhaling through your nose and exhaling through the mouth. Along the way, spend easy exercises: movements of the head left-right, back and forth. Often blinked eyes. Finally, inhale the air deeply and exhale sharply.
It is unlikely in the workplace you will be able to take a cool shower to Wake up. But it is not necessary to abandon the water, it's a very effective way of awakening. Wet your hands with cold water, not flicking it with the fingers, and fast movements RUB the ears. If the office is very hot, can also slightly wet with a little water and top. In the office wait a bit at the included fan to enhance the effect of the chill behind my ears, but don't overdo it before you catch a cold.
If you can't leave the office, try to Wake up the body with active movements at the workplace and next to him. Stand up, bend down to get something from the bottom drawer of the Desk, or drop the handle and lift her off the floor, not squatting. Then take a funnel and pour all the colors in the office. Sit on a chair, shake your head from side to side, move your shoulders. Do yourself acupressure: RUB your index fingers of whiskey and the area behind the ears, vigorously tap along the line of growth of the eyebrows.