If the plant is large, it is desirable to seat it with the help of division. Try to leave each part of the hive 3-5 Rostock. So you will have more of a chance that the Orchid will bloom again and not die.
If you decide to plant out Orchid for the reason that the plant closely in the pot and the surface started to come out the bulbs is easy. Remove the plant from the pot and loosen the roots. With a sharp knife cut off the bulby part (leaving a few roots on it) and put in a new pot. Daily water the plant through the pan and a little spray of water (room temperature) before the appearance of leaves. Then continue care as for adult plants.
If the Orchid is finished flowering, you can use the old Bulba. To do this, separate the potatoes in a separate pot and maintain a temperature of 20-25 degrees. After a certain period at the base of the bulbs, from the kidneys, there will be new plants that stands to separate and to seat them in separate pots.
Sit the Orchid can and the old, proven way – cuttings. Cut the side shoot (long stalk, withered stalk length of 10-15 cm, Place on soil surface in the greenhouse, if possible heating. After 2-3 weeks, the stem can be planted in a separate pot.