Advice 1: How to knit a deal two spokes

A deal is knitted bedroom Slippers. It is possible to manufacture a deal as casual and dressy. Very nice deal out of colored yarn. They are comfortable to wear for adults and children. The transactions during the socks take the form of legs, so you won't feel them.
The process of making knitted sledkov quite simple. They are made on two needles. You'll have a beautiful and original Slippers-a deal which you wear would be nice, and you can present as gift to loved ones.
How to knit a deal two spokes
You will need
  • Knitting needles, yarn, scissors
On needles dial 56 loops. In each row the first loop clear, the last provarite wrong.

Row 1 - 27 facial loops, yo, 2 facial loop, yo, 27 front loops.

2 row: purl loops.

3 row - 28 facial loops, yo, 2 facial loop , yo, 28 of the front loops.

4 row: purl loops.
Link thus still 10 rows. In the center of each face of a number of make allowances: yo, 2 facial loop, yo.

Row 15 – tie the front loops without making additions.

16th row: purl loops.

Row 17 - knit loops, not reaching the middle of the 7 loops.
How to knit a deal two spokes
The sole of the imprint:

1 row of sole (Central 14 loops) tie in the following way: 1 remove the loop, 12 loops front, 2 loops together (1 Central + 1 with sides). Expand the knitting.

2 the number of sole: 1 loop clear, 12 front loops, 2 loops together provarite (1 Central + 1 on the other side). Expand the knitting.

Continue knitting the sole, gradually assembling the hinge side. On the needles remaining 14 loops.
The rear part of the imprint: 14 remaining loops and tie on the figure 16 series.

Sew it to the sides of the imprint.
How to knit a deal two spokes
Useful advice
The edges of the imprint is not stretched, and tie them with a hook lobster step".
A deal can be decorated with a knitted flower, POM-POM or beads.

Advice 2 : How to knit a deal

In the cold season a variety of knitted products is becoming more important – in order to warm itself and maintain the comfort of your family and friends, you can learn to knit yarn warm a dealin which both children and adults can walk around the house. Such a deal will help to keep your feet warm and give a feeling of comfort even in cold weather.
How to knit a deal
Take suitable warm yarn and knitting needles. Forty-dial loops and knit the first row, alternating front and back loops. Then tie the second row. In the second row provarite eighteen loops make nakyd, tie the front loop, yo again, then tie the two front loops, one yo, and continue to knit the scheme before the start of the third row. In the third row continue to knit the scheme, promazyvaya of nakedy purl loops.
You should get preform, which is well marked by the two Central loops. Make a well in the centre of nakedy before the two Central loops, and then after them. Provarite ten nacido on each side, and then tie six rows of simple facial loops. In the sixth row davaite loop to the middle link of the Central five loops.
Provarite fifth and sixth loop in a row together, and then expand the workpiece and provarite five facial loops. Again provarite along fifth and sixth loop. Close the sock the future of the imprint. Promazyvaya the product on until you have the spokes will not end the loop, and until five Central loops.
Close the foot of the workpiece. With the lateral part of the deal, take one loop and provarite five loops, and then tie the first side hinge and the fifth hinge together. Knitting flip over and again, take the side loop on the other hand, promazyvaya first five loops, and then promazyvaya together for the last loop and the first side of the loop.
You have on the needles should stay five Central loops. Close the heel and provarite the product to the end. Close the loop on the top of the imprint and tuck the tips of the threads. On the same principle of tie second deal.
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