You will need
  • Knitting needles, yarn, scissors
On needles dial 56 loops. In each row the first loop clear, the last provarite wrong.

Row 1 - 27 facial loops, yo, 2 facial loop, yo, 27 front loops.

2 row: purl loops.

3 row - 28 facial loops, yo, 2 facial loop , yo, 28 of the front loops.

4 row: purl loops.
Link thus still 10 rows. In the center of each face of a number of make allowances: yo, 2 facial loop, yo.

Row 15 – tie the front loops without making additions.

16th row: purl loops.

Row 17 - knit loops, not reaching the middle of the 7 loops.
How to knit a deal two spokes
The sole of the imprint:

1 row of sole (Central 14 loops) tie in the following way: 1 remove the loop, 12 loops front, 2 loops together (1 Central + 1 with sides). Expand the knitting.

2 the number of sole: 1 loop clear, 12 front loops, 2 loops together provarite (1 Central + 1 on the other side). Expand the knitting.

Continue knitting the sole, gradually assembling the hinge side. On the needles remaining 14 loops.
The rear part of the imprint: 14 remaining loops and tie on the figure 16 series.

Sew it to the sides of the imprint.
How to knit a deal two spokes