Psychologists and corporate trainers claim that charisma is not a gift from the gods as believed by the ancient Greeks as a set of quite specific personal qualities. Of course, you have to take into account that psychologically and physically people are not equal. Not all from birth are given leadership qualities or the ability to influence others with their charm. However constant and persistent work on his personality allows you to achieve good results and to develop to the maximum even the most modest natural data.
To develop in themselves the charisma, it is first necessary to understand clearly what it is. It is based on a person's ability to lead and control the masses. Paradoxically, the charisma of the individual always rests on three main pillars: confidence in yourself, greater self esteem and the ability to take the initiative.
As psychologists point out, charisma is primarily the confidence in yourself. Confidence in own self-worth and opportunities to achieve their goals. In practice many people live out their lives, never finding full confidence in their abilities. Of course, usually declared aloud a different position, but inside, in their minds, people tend to doubt. In order to develop confidence in themselves, it is necessary on this work purposefully. Each achieved goal increases our confidence, every failure back to weakness. Take yourself a rule every day to set small practical goals and achieve them. It is important to fix the result. You can make a special diary or diary in which to record all his victories. Let at first they will be quite small, it doesn't matter. Importantly, the goal was set, articulated and achieved. For global, at first glance, elusive goals, you can apply the same trick: split the process of achieving the goal at a number of stages, each of which will be a specific intermediate target and consistently to overcome them.
Self – esteem- the second necessary component of a truly charismatic personality. Before you expect love and respect from others we must learn to love and respect yourself. Low self-esteem often causes us to think that the person seemingly has no merit and positive qualities. But this is completely wrong – esteem is for everyone, it is only important to see them and start to develop. In order to strengthen their self-esteem should attempt to make only those actions that do not conflict with personal value system. Ethics of individual behavior provides a solid Foundation for self-esteem.
To be a charismatic man means to be a leader, not afraid to show initiative and to take responsibility for their actions. Often we do not dare to commit any act or Express their opinion out of fear of making a mistake and be criticized. It is not correct. In the world there is no perfect, infallible people. The right to have each error, so do not be afraid to be wrong or right. The responsibility for their decisions rests solely with you and you better know why you do one way or another. As you know, no mistakes only one who does nothing. But you want to be a leader, therefore, must learn to act.