You will need
  • - the insurance policy;
  • - the contract with the insurance company;
  • - the documents of the vehicle;
  • - passport;
  • - details of the insurance company;
  • - certificate from the traffic police;
  • - Protocol on administrative case;
  • - application form;
  • - payment documents (if available).
When an incident call and report it to the insurance company. Specify the method of assessment of the caused damage. This can be accomplished at the scene by the representative of the insurance company or at the place of its location. As a rule, to the policy of insurance attached notice. Complete this document. If the guilty party is the second party to the accident, ask him the policy number, name of the insurance company. Notify the insurer of the perpetrator of the incident. And it takes 15 days.
In the accident the traffic police inspector, a Protocol on administrative offense. Read the document, ask them to explain to you your rights, duties. Then sign the Protocol. If, at the time of the accident, the inspector has imposed on you a fine, you will receive an order receipt. It is included in the list of documentation that should be submitted to the insurance company.
Request help at the GIBDD (traffic police use a form 748). The document prescribes the essence of the incident, place, time, and information about the participants of the accident. A certificate signed official, stamped.
Contact your insurance company. Present your passport, the documentation on the car, accident certificate, Protocol, receipt for payment of costs in connection with the infliction of damage. A representative of the insurance organization prepared statement. The document written on your behalf. As a rule, the insurer assesses the damage. But you have the right to involve independent experts in its initiative. Within 30 days from the date you submit the documentation in person or by mail with return receipt requested the insurance company is obliged to reimburse the amount specified in the Declaration.
For compensation a lesser amount you are entitled to write a letter of complaint to insurance company, to settle the dispute out of court. Moreover, an independent evaluation carried out by you at your own expense, to be paid by the insurer. All costs associated with the evacuation of transportation (if any), with treatment as a result of the incident, examination and other types of damagespelled out in the legislation, the insurance company is reimbursed in full.