Before planting, clear the soil of weeds and grass. Add a bucket of compost, sprinkle with ash (based on 1 meter 2 cups), you can also add a tablespoon sulphate and a teaspoon of urea.
The beds make with a height of about 25-30 cm and a width of about 1 meter. Dig up a flower bed and pour hot solution of mullein (based on 10 l of water 0.5 l solution). After that you can start planting.
Plant pepper seedlings in the greenhouse at a distance of 40-45 cm from each other. Pepper is usually planted in the evening. Install pegs immediately when landing near the plant, as the pepper is very tender and easily breaking. Accustomed pepper 10-12 days after planting, this period they are taking. After planting, immediately pour the pepper water.
Water pepper gently at the root, and not often, so the soil had time to dry, once a week, if the weather is very hot. Watering with warm water, but in any case not cold, otherwise the plant will stop developing.
If you want to have a furry Bush, then cut off the top when the plant reaches a height of 25-30 cm, These plants will quickly begin to branch out and give a rich harvest.