You will need
  • - Seedlings of peppers, 30-35 cm tall
  • The temperature is +13-15 degrees
  • The raised ridge (or a greenhouse)
  • - Shovel
  • Lake and clean water
  • - Compost
  • - Pegs
  • - String (bass)
  • Wire arc
  • Film
  • - Solution of fertilizers (mullein and superphosphate, water)
Do not forget from time to time to carry out "sun tempering" pepper seedlings – then it won't burn from direct sunlight after landing on the infield. The best time to plant peppers early evening, when the temperature is +13-15 degrees. Make sure to "warm" a bed – lift it by at least 30 cm from the General ground level in the garden.
Dig holes and pour them. It is advisable to amend the soil compost, but in any case no fresh manure! To deepen the seedlings should be up to the level of the first leaves. Plant the pepper, leaving about half a meter between rows and about 45 cm between each plant. Some gardeners use the "socket": a few plants dug one hole, it will be a square about 50 by 50 cm (or slightly more). Pepper - culture cross-pollinated, so (despite the help of insects), steamroom transplanting can dramatically increase yield. Remember that sweet and bitter varieties may also Perepelitsa, why spoil the taste of the fruit. To plant different pepper varieties need individually.
Put next to each plant on the peg (more than half) and gently tie the stem with bast or twine. Proceed with caution, as the leaves and shoots of this culture are extremely fragile. Make arcs of wire a meter in height and pull their film to save for seedlings of peppers needed heat and humidity. When the weather is installed, open the film completely or only on the South side; on the same night in a pepper patch, it is recommended to always close.