First of all, you need to determine the color of the jewelry. It is customary to use materials, light pastel shades better if the color will match with any color wedding dress or bridesmaid jewelry. If the dress or blue with gilded ornament, glasses, decorated with a crimson ribbon will stand out against the overall gentle ambience.
Not utjecaja glasses a large number of attributes. A few flowers or ribbon will suffice, the main thing here is not to cross the line of taste when style goes into kitsch.
Buy narrow silk ribbon to entwine the glass diagonally, and the leg – to close completely. Don't forget to attach the ribbon on the glue. The beginning of the ribbon to hide behind a small flower (in the departments for hand-made are sold). You can attach several flowers closer to the first diagonally to the base of the glass.
If you're good at drawing, you can decorate the glasses with special acrylic paints. Make a stencil – two hearts - draw and paint them silver, for example. These hearts make a beautiful ornate pattern either horizontally or sloping down towards the stem of the glass. Glass brides can decorate traced a thread of pearls, glove or Shoe, and the groom is a bow tie or a dove, soaring up for a dove. Try to draw the features of the bride and groom at the appropriate glasses and a leg to decorate the flower, which are sold in any Department for registration of gifts – this really personalized glasses will be kept in the family for many years.
And don't forget the lace! The glasses, decorated with lace look amazing and always admired not only the couple but all the guests. You can fold it into a heart, flower or just tie a bow on the stem of the glass.