Try the popular free website Click the menu on the main page of Russian language and go to "Effect of person", clicking the "Build face". On the new page you will be prompted to download from the computer, or provide a link to your photo on the Internet. Use a quality photo where you are full face. After loading photo, select a template from several categories. Adjust position, size, brightness, and color gamut of your image using the menu buttons, and save the result.
You can use another similar online service Despite the fact that the resource is in English, it will not cause difficulties, because the interface is simple and straightforward. You need to choose a template in one of the categories, read in the templatee click the Upload button and upload your photo from your computer. Then adjust the position and picture size to match all size, pick the color and brightness and save the photo by pressing the Save button. If you wish, you can immediately post a photo in one of the social networks.