Advice 1: How to insert face in template online

If you want to have some fun and surprise your friends by showing them your photo in the image of a celebrity or movie character, you can use wide possibilities of photomontage in the online resourcewhere to create the original photos, you do not need knowledge of photoshop.
How to insert face in template online
Try the popular free website Click the menu on the main page of Russian language and go to "Effect of person", clicking the "Build face". On the new page you will be prompted to download from the computer, or provide a link to your photo on the Internet. Use a quality photo where you are full face. After loading photo, select a template from several categories. Adjust position, size, brightness, and color gamut of your image using the menu buttons, and save the result.
You can use another similar online service Despite the fact that the resource is in English, it will not cause difficulties, because the interface is simple and straightforward. You need to choose a template in one of the categories, read in the templatee click the Upload button and upload your photo from your computer. Then adjust the position and picture size to match all size, pick the color and brightness and save the photo by pressing the Save button. If you wish, you can immediately post a photo in one of the social networks.

Advice 2: How to insert face in template photoshop

To try on the clothes of a resident of the epoch of Ivan the terrible, it is not necessary to go to the theater and demand from their costumers a proper suit. There is a much more peaceful option is to find in the Internet the corresponding PSD-template and decorate it to your beautiful face.
How to insert face in template photoshop
Start Adobe Photoshop (the author uses a Russified version CS5) and open two files: a template in PSD format (document,"photoshop") and a photograph of the desired person. To do this, click File > Open > select picture > Open.
Switch to the photo with the face. On the toolbar select the "Rectangular area" and a frame will select the spot around the head. The circuit will take the form of so-called "marching ants" selection border in the manner of a simple garland will twinkle alternately black and white bands. Select the Move tool, click on the outline and drag it to another file – PSD-template.
The default template already has several layers. At least the face area and the background. Slightly more complex patterns have more than two layers. It can be carved hats, scarves, umbrellas, and other items that can be found around the head. Move the layer with the cut on the second step of the user entity for such layers.
Look in the lower right corner of the Layers panel, click the layer with the face (if he for some reason is not highlighted) and drag it below the marked layers with additional elements. If the template only a blank area instead of the head, drag just below the main layer.
If the dimensions of the faces do not match with the template, you can change them. Select the layer with the face, and then click Edit > Transform > Scale. Around the face will appear. By moving its sides and corners, match the face with the size of the template. To rotate the frame around the axis, activate the appropriate mode: Edit > Transform > Rotate. Grasp the edge of the frame and rotate it in the desired direction. To make the changes take effect, press Enter.
To save the result, click "File" then "Save as" in the field "files of Type" select JPEG, specify the path and click "Save".
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