Advice 1: How to insert face in template online

If you want to have some fun and surprise your friends by showing them your photo in the image of a celebrity or movie character, you can use wide possibilities of photomontage in the online resourcewhere to create the original photos, you do not need knowledge of photoshop.
How to insert face in template online
Try the popular free website Click the menu on the main page of Russian language and go to "Effect of person", clicking the "Build face". On the new page you will be prompted to download from the computer, or provide a link to your photo on the Internet. Use a quality photo where you are full face. After loading photo, select a template from several categories. Adjust position, size, brightness, and color gamut of your image using the menu buttons, and save the result.
You can use another similar online service Despite the fact that the resource is in English, it will not cause difficulties, because the interface is simple and straightforward. You need to choose a template in one of the categories, read in the templatee click the Upload button and upload your photo from your computer. Then adjust the position and picture size to match all size, pick the color and brightness and save the photo by pressing the Save button. If you wish, you can immediately post a photo in one of the social networks.

Advice 2 : As in html insert link

When creating your own website a person not experienced in the intricacies of web design, many questions arise. For example, how to upload files for download how to insert and properly execute the necessary links.
As in html insert link
To produce on the website any changes, you must have administrator rights and have access to the code of the desired page. All edits are done through your account on the hosting. You can use built-in html editor, it is usually present and any external. For example, for simple edits very easy editor Cute Html.
It is best not to edit the original page, and copy it to the computer and work with this copy. Open it in the editor, define the place in the code where to place the link. For example, it will link to Google search service. You can simply specify the address of the link it will quite work correctly. The text on the page it can look so: "to search For information use the search service Google:". The visitor can go to the desired page by clicking the link.
There is a more beautiful version of the design references used for this code: <a href="http://адрес_сайта"> description of website </a> When used the above phrase in the page's code would look like this: "to search For information use the search service <a href=""> Google </a>" the User will see on the page the phrase: "to search For information use the search service of Google". The link will be the word "Google" with the address of the link will not be visible.
Similarly, you can place links to any files, programs, photos, media files etc. the address must specify the exact path to the file. You can upload files to your website, it is better to create a separate folder, for example files. All files uploaded through the control panel of your account. If the files are large, they can be downloaded via FTP. Very useful for downloading file Manager Total Commander, includes a built-in FTP client.
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