You will need
  • In order to calculate the sex of your future child, it is desirable to know the exact date of conception and also have a piece of paper and a pen.
Divide a sheet of paper into two columns, at the beginning of each write the date of birth of the parents.
It is believed that the blood in the male body completely renews itself every 4 years. Thus, increase it by 4 years in the column of the age of your spouse, until you reach the closest date to the time of conception.
Blood in the female body circulates much faster, so it is fully updated in just 3 years. Accordingly, in the column where the specified age of the mother, the start date need to increase by only 3 years, again until it is not close to the moment of conception.
Now compare the data in both columns. If the mother's blood at the time of conception "older" than the blood of the father, then chances are you are expecting a baby girl. If Vice versa, then you need to tune in to boy.