You will need
  • Fabric for upholstery
  • Pliers
  • Material for gasket
  • Paper and pencil for the pattern
  • Tools for removal and installation of the sofa
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Construction stapler
  • Staples or nails
  • Hammer
Disassemble the sofa so that it was released backrest, armrests and seat. Be careful not to damage the Cabinet, otherwise he will need a more complex reconstruction. Remove the pliers furniture brackets and carefully remove the old upholstery.
Choose a suitable fabric for new sofa upholstery. It is recommended to use classic upholstery fabrics, such as jacquard, flock, tapestry. Are the materials beautiful and practical, and easy to work with them. At home it is better not to drag the furniture is leather or leatherette – this will require special skills. A regular sewing machine can with these materials can not cope. The average sofa will take about 7-8 linear meters of fabric (width 1.5 m).
Inspect the stuffing of the couch if I need to replace it, at least in part, gasket? If necessary, buy the right material. For example, a very dense foam rubber, polyurethane foam or the modern fiber of holofiber. Today for stuffing upholstered furniture also often use felt and fluff.
Spread out on sheets of paper the old upholstery and make on its basis a new pattern. Cut the desired part of the new upholstery fabric. Prostrochite on a typewriter required stitches. If you want to make in the style of the upholstery something new, for example, it is interesting to combine fabrics of different textures and colors.
Start the constriction of the sofa with new upholstery. Do this carefully to prevent any wrinkles or sagging upholstery cloth. Fabric secure to furniture special powerful construction stapler. To the wooden frame upholstery nail staples or small nails every 2 cm can Now compile the updated components of your sofa.