Inspect the wooden parts of your couch. If it was a small chips, cracks or scratches can be repaired without disassembling the furniture. Buy putty for wood. Choose a hue that matches the colour of the sofa, or ask the Manager at the store to add color to obtain desired color.
The putty in small portions apply to the injury. Spread it on a wide spatula, scoop out a portion of his small. Instead of a spatula you can use a narrow strip of cardboard. Fill in the crack or chip composition, and then go through the place with a clean trowel to completely smooth the surface.
If the wooden elements of the sofaand very badly damaged, remove them. Is completely destroyed (e.g., nibbled by the dog) have to order a new company to repair furniture. Complete parts with damaged coating can be upgraded. To do this, remove the remnants of varnish or paint. If not, scuff the surface. Then coat it with a primer for wood. When it dries, the item can be painted with paint or varnish. If desired, the colored part of the sofaand can be painted.
Damaged upholstery on the sofae replace new one. Disposal old paint, trying to do it as accurately as possible. Every part of the skin lay on paper and draw to create a pattern. Either build the pattern yourself – draw a flattened parallelepiped. The figure should correspond to the sizes of the pieces sofaand for which you sew the new "clothes". Transfer the pattern to the fabric and add seam. Sew new covers by inserting them in a zipper or Velcro to make cushion covers could be washed periodically.
To decorate the flaws that you cannot fix, use the means of jewelry. On a wooden surface it is possible to lay out the pattern mosaic. Spots or tightening on the skin hide underneath the patch-applique.