Tips for preparing a child to kindergarten before the visit
- Try not to shape a child's special tastes or he often will stay hungry in kindergarten.
- Encourage your child to self: go potty, get dressed, ask for help from elders. In the garden, no special care for them is not just because teachers and nurses, there is so much hands-free.
- Let your child to interact with their peers on the Playground, visiting other families, etc. do Not interfere without the need for childish games. However, at home, alone with the baby, explaining to him the rules of communication: you can't take away someone else's, you need to share, not to fight, have to defend ourselves if attacked.
- Try to accustom the child to such a daily routine, which he will have in kindergarten. Not ustraivaite special ceremonies that can't be implemented in the garden to sleep hugging his mom, drinking milk only from his beloved red mugs, etc.
- If at home, under the care of an adult child being allowed to "threat" of the game: to jump, to tumble, to play on the gymnastic equipment, etc., then you need to explain that these games can only be played with adults and only at home. In kindergarten it is dangerous not only because the child will begin to play the same way without supervision, but also to attract to the game the other kids that those games are not physically ready.

Begin to go to kindergarten
Begin to walk in the garden with a 1-2 hours, then half day, then leave for NAPs and for the whole day.
All children in each period of adaptation is different.
Socialized to children, communicative kindergarten first love: lots of toys, lots of kids to play with. Everything is perceived through the prism of fun and games. But, after the child begins to understand that it is not only the place to play, there is a rule here can criticize and no one can come to the defense begins the process of rejection of these conditions.
At this point, it is important for parents to sustain their position morally: the garden is inevitable, we love you very much, but in the kindergarten you go to eat, the caregiver should listen, respect the rules.
"Home" children socialization are difficult. They need to talk more on the subject of communication, to build relationships with other children. A good help would be to befriend someone from the parent and make your children to socialize outside the kindergarten, then in the garden the two of them will be, they will feel mutual support.

In addition to socialization there is a physical adaptation. Many children in the early years often begin to ache. It is a known fact that the parents need to be prepared. Important: at the first sign of deterioration of health of the child immediately to stop visiting the kindergarten and cured.

Some organizational tips:
- Always store in the box child's change of clothes: as a t-shirt with panties, there and pants in case the child will get dirty.
- Chat with your tutor and get as much information about your child. Do not ignore complaints of caregiver on the child's behavior.
- Home ask the child how he spent the day. Repeat with him the name of the caregiver and the names of other kids from his group that he will all remember.
- Participate in parent meetings, and Committee.