You will need
  • plastic cups, ground mixture, micro greenhouse
Prepare the soil mixture. For this tank mix in one package of land for violets with a bag buyskiy fertilizers (0,5) and vermiculite (0.5 kg). By the way I have sphagnum moss. Mix well and the mixture is ready.
Fill with a mixture of plastic cups and plant the cuttings of violets, the roots of which have already sprouted. The bottom of the cups should have holes to drain excess water. To make a hole, you should use a heated nail or an awl.
The cups were planted with cuttings, place in a micro greenhouse. The climate of the greenhouse will facilitate the rapid establishment and development of the violets. To make a micro greenhouse can from the reservoir rectangular shape with sides of 15 cm from the Top of the micro greenhouse is covered with a cap made of polyethylene.
Two months later, when the cuttings are formed babies, put each baby in a separate Cup. Note that a single violet need to grow in your pot. Ground mixture you should use the one that was used for rooting cuttings.
To seat violets Cup with cuttings and place the babies in the tray. Remove from the glass clod and separate the children. Let's put them in the cups and again place in a micro-greenhouse for four weeks.
Daily ventilate the micro greenhouse. With the growth of violets, the ventilation time should be increased. As soon as the root system of violets will grow stronger, and they begin to grow, you can put them in a permanent place.
Water violets, water pooled. Try pouring water around the edges of the Cup and not into the middle of the rosette. Watering should be as the drying earthen coma, or violets can rot.