Still get those tender plants in spring and autumn. Plastic pots for violets preferable to clay or ceramic, from contact with which the lower leaves of the flower wither and deform. To avoid this, they put coconut fiber or raffia.
The size of the pot for violets should be three times smaller than the size of the plant in diameter. Violets do not grow to large sizes as they begin to bloom worse. It is recommended to rejuvenate overgrown plants, leaving only the strong and large leaves, or proradio and cutting the roots of plants, leaving it in the same pot, which should be washed and scalded with boiling water.
For violets it is better to use a prepared soil, it should be fairly loose and light, it must be charcoal, peat and sand. Don't forget to cover the drainage hole in the pot with moss, with a clay crock or small clay pebbles.
Young violet in a large pot transplanted with preservation of earthen coma. Posypannoy in a pot of earth it is better not to stamp, it can be fill up after watering. The adult violet, not to increase the size of the pot, bottom and sides are thinned roots, you can remove up to 2/3 of the initial volume. Slices and the remaining roots must sprinkle with powdered charcoal.
After transplantation, violet should be placed in a warm place, if she stands on the windowsill, put the pot on a wooden stand. It is necessary to pour warm water next day after transplanting. You can cover violet for a while with a plastic bag to achieve the greenhouse effect.