You will need
  • - proof of income;
  • calculator;
  • the details of the tax inspection;
  • - services of the savings Bank;
  • - cash in the amount of the tax.
To pay the tax, it is necessary to know the amount. In most cases, the rate of personal income tax, which the taxpayer must transfer independently, equal to 13%. This means that you have to give the state 13% of their income. The easiest way to calculate this amount is to divide the income (this can be the amount prescribed in the contract of sale or otherwise) by 100 and multiply by 13. Or use the option of calculating percentages on a calculator.
To remit the tax to the budget, you need to know the details on which to do it. You can get them in to your tax office (the tax must be sent by the props of the tax where you stand on the account at the place of permanent residence) or on the website of the Federal tax service according to your subject of the Russian Federation.
If you transfer tax through Sberbank (which is the most common option), you can fill out a receipt directly to his nearest branch and find it on the Internet and form on the computer and then print. When to hand details of the tax inspection in electronic form is particularly useful: you can copy them and not to type or to write by hand, which eliminates the risk of errors. Please note that the usual receipt for this case is not suitable: you will have to fill number of columns, which it does not. They are in the form of a receipt for taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget. It is necessary to search the Internet or ask in branch of Sberbank.
After one year, you will also need to submit to tax inspection the Declaration form 3НДФЛ where necessary to reflect all your income taxable by this tax, and paid him tax. This must be done no later than 30 April or the first working day in may if this date falls on a weekend. It is necessary to reflect not only the income tax which you have paid for themselves, but obtained through tax agents. If you are applying for tax deductions, you have to write a corresponding application and attach to the Declaration a copy of all documents confirming the receipt of income and payment of tax, both independently and through tax agents.