You will need
  • -the text of the model agreement;
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • - private details.
Depending on the purposes for which you employ an expert. For example, if you need someone for a single work on the creation of copyright (literary, musical, and other artistic or non-artistic works), cooperation is made under the contract of author's order or copyright license agreement.
For casual work or permanent cooperation without hiring you can also sign a contract or, for example, an Agency agreement. The validity period is usually limited, but if necessary, it after can be reinvented countless times.
The text of the standard contract required you can easily find on the Internet. However, will not be superfluous to study it carefully, compare with the regulations of the current legislation, to make adjustments where I see fit.
Particularly noteworthy are the sections relating to the work being performed, requirements of the customer, reception and evaluation of possible sanctions for certain infractions.
To develop them better on their own, based on the specifics of activities, corporate policies and its vision of cooperation.
Make the contract in the right places (the introduction and the section on addresses and requisites of the parties) is required your details: name of organization, name of its representative who signs the contract (usually the head) and the document under which it operates (the Charter of the enterprise or the power of attorney), legal and physical (if available) ' index, INN, NACE main activity, banking details.
Fields to be filled in by the other party leave blank, but enter information that is required from the employee. This surname, name and patronymic, passport data (series, number, whom and when issued), registration address, actual residential address, if available, was number, pension insurance certificate, Bank details for fee transfer.
Please print the agreement in duplicate and give to the other party for review and signature.
Then sign it yourself and seal both copies. One is given to you, the second is given to the employee.
The contract is concluded.